How to Boost Your Creativity Using Our Cannabis Top Shelf Delivery Service

The connection between cannabis and original thought appears universally accepted in popular culture. The capacity for what we call creativity is essentially a human phenomenon. Our mental prowess allows us to bring mental constructs into the material world. It's been found that many painters, poets, and other creative types have a predisposed gift of boundless imagination and artistic talent. Yet others uncover their originality after undergoing a transformation of perspective brought on by novel experiences and resources.

You don't have to be an expert to read this article and learn how to use marijuana to stimulate creative thinking and indulge your imagination.Convergent Thinking VS Divergent Thinking

Convergent Thinking VS Divergent Thinking

Although there are numerous ways to gauge "creativity," one method used by scientists to do so is the term "divergent thinking," which refers to the variety of solutions a person can come up with to a given challenge.

We must first consider convergent thinking, or "normal" thinking, to understand divergent thinking.

Convergent thinking describes a logical, sequential way of thinking. This way of thinking is useful when confronted with hard data, exact figures, and other concrete pieces of knowledge. This way of thinking is crucial for tasks with a unique, perfect solution, such as solving logical puzzles, performing calculations, and more.

Divergent thinking, however, is a scientific indicator of creativity. Creative thinking is spontaneous and non-linear; it considers a wide range of options. In other words, divergent thinking employs unconventional methods like brainstorming and freewriting to produce fresh ideas.

Cannabis turns on the light in the frontal brain, enhancing our potential for diverse thinking and fostering creativity and general thought creation.

  • The Right Strain

Getting the correct strain for your needs is crucial. First, you might look for strains that combine THC and CBD. That is because CBD can mitigate the potency of THC. You'll be able to concentrate better and get more done.

Sativa or sativa-dominant highs boost creativity and cognition. Indica and Indica-dominant strains produce a sleepier joy. Avoid super-sedative strains when creating. Pick out some strains that will help you stay awake and focused.

  • Dosage

Finding the optimal cannabis dose is crucial for peak creative performance. Take it slow when you first start using cannabis for creativity. If you do this, you won't have to worry about becoming too high. 

  • Pick The Right Music

Music's emotional power helps create the ideal environment. Cannabis and music create an inviting atmosphere. You get a unique perspective as music may inspire creativity.

  • Let It Flow

Having the right frame of mind and ambiance is essential for a pleasant cannabis session. If you're already in an environment where you feel relaxed and at ease, using cannabis will feel much more seamless and normal. By removing potential interruptions, you'll be better able to focus on the work and less likely to be pulled away from your creative process.

Self-experimentation is the key to discovering how well cannabis works for you as a creative writing aid. Because you know your body, you should determine your dosage.Join Us Today to Explore Your Imagination!

Join Us Today to Explore Your Imagination!

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