History with Top Shelf Delivery: 5 Historical Figures Who Used Cannabis

Although cannabis has been around for a very long time in various parts of the world, some important historical figures and civilizations have contributed more than others to the development of the plant. Whether they actively encouraged the growth of marijuana or found inspiration in a joint, these notable figures and cultures all share a significant green connection.George Washington

  • George Washington

George Washington, our nation's first president and father founder, is a name familiar to all Americans. That commander led the 13 American colonies in their fight for independence from Great Britain. George Washington was a tobacco farmer in addition to his military and presidential responsibilities. Washington grew hemp on his Mount Vernon farm; in 1797, it was his primary crop. Remarkably, George Washington was interested in the medical properties of cannabis, as evidenced by the fact that entries in the diary showed that Washington was growing varieties with a high content of THC.

  • Queen Victoria

The influential Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom smoked pot for medical reasons in the 19th century. Her physician, Sir J. Russell Reynolds, suggested that Victoria try a cannabis tincture for her cramps. This archival research demonstrates that cannabis served as a pain reliever well before the advent of modern medicine.

  • Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, an iconic American writer, and poet, has been very forthright about her medicinal cannabis use. Cannabis helped Angelou control the symptoms of her glaucoma, a disorder marked by elevated pressure in the eyes. She described how it relieved her symptoms and allowed her to continue her daily routine.

  • Louis Armstrong

The incomparable trumpet skills and soulful tenor of Louis Armstrong have made him a jazz legend in the United States. Similarly, Armstrong enjoyed the effects of cannabis. It was no secret that he enjoyed cannabis and often spoke publicly about how it helped him unwind and spark inspiration. Some have hypothesized that the high energy of Armstrong's performances in jazz clubs was due to the widespread use of cannabis by both the musicians and the audience.Queen Cleopatra VII

  • Queen Cleopatra VII

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII, known for her beauty and intellect, was rumored to be a cannabis user. According to historical accounts, she applied cannabis-infused ointments and oils on her skin. Cleopatra is reported to have used cannabis extracts in her beauty routine since she understood their therapeutic benefits for skin maintenance and stress relief.

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