Top Shelf Weed Games for Smoking with Friends

Cannabis games are a great way to spend time with friends. There are several ways to enjoy cannabis, and these games are perfect if you want something fun and discreet. We've compiled a list of our top cannabis games to play while you and your friends smoke. Grab your favorite strain, invite your friends, and get ready to have fun!
  • Guess the Strain Game: Test your cannabis skills while enjoying the smoke.Guess the Strain Game
This game will challenge you and allow you to broaden your knowledge about the world of cannabis. Do you think you can recognize different varieties of cannabis just by their appearance, aroma, or effects? It's time to test it! You need to use your knowledge and experience to identify each one. This game will add a touch of excitement and competition to your cannabis experience. So get ready to challenge your friends and show who has the finest palate when identifying the best strains.
  • Cannabis Confessions Game: Share funny anecdotes and experiences related to marijuana.
In this fun game, the goal is to break the ice and further foster friendship. Are you ready to laugh and enjoy fascinating stories? Each participant will share some anecdote or experience related to marijuana. The idea is for each one to tell those funny, curious, or unexpected stories that they have lived while enjoying this plant. We all have unforgettable moments that make us laugh or reflect. And what better way to do that than sharing our stories among friends? So get ready to laugh, plunge into nostalgic memories, and discover new perspectives through cannabis confessions.
  • Never Have I Ever: Discover and know many more things from friends.
This game is ideal for groups because it allows everyone to participate. In this game, each player has to say a statement starting with "Never have I ever" followed by something they have done or experienced. If a player has performed that action, he must take a puff as a sign of having done so. But be careful! You might discover unexpected things about your friends. This game can become so much fun when everyone starts sharing their crazy stories. So get ready to laugh, be surprised, and maybe even get embarrassed while playing "Never Have I Never" Let the fun begin!
  • Rolling Contest Game: Friendly competition to see who can make the best joint in less time
Prepare for the most fun and friendly challenge of all time! The competition consists of seeing who can make the best marijuana joint in the shortest time possible. It is a perfect opportunity to put your manual dexterity and knowledge of rolled-up techniques to the test and create a final result that will impress everyone. Are you ready to show who is the master of the role? You will have a fun and challenging experience.
  • The Marijuana Roulette Game: Try a wide variety of strains!The Marijuana Roulette Game
This game is very popular among smokers and is easy to play. Include a variety of cannabis strains in your roulette, such as Sativa, Indica, hybrids, and more. The roulette is turned, and each player has to smoke the type of marijuana that the roulette indicates. This game can be very exciting and can lead to some very interesting effects. Top Shelf Weed Delivery is Here to Make Your Meetings Exceptional and Guarantee an Unparalleled Experience! When it comes to marijuana games, it is crucial to make sure you have quality products. That’s why we provide a high-quality weed delivery service that offers a wide selection of premium cannabis at your doorstep. You can find the best weed to enjoy during your gambling sessions. So get ready to laugh, relax and enjoy the most with the best marijuana smoking games with your friends!